Sally Quinn: Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden Should Switch Jobs

Sally Quinn really wants to be helpful to both President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. However, the result of her laughable suggestion that Hillary and Vice-President Biden switch jobs is that it would only highlight the desperate political situation that the current administration has gotten itself into. Here is Sally trying to be helpful with her bizarre recommendation:

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden should switch jobs.


Really? Of course this job switch, a first in history for a vice president to switch places with a cabinet member, would be one more indication of Obama trying to pull himself out of the political abyss he finds himself in. That thought seems not to have entered Sally's mind as she happily chirps on about this scenario which includes a big plug for Hillary:

It makes sense for the Democrats, actually. Clinton has done an incredible job as secretary of state. First of all, she has worked harder than anyone should ever be expected to. She has managed to do the impossible: She is the ambassador of the United States to the world, maintaining her credibility while playing the bad guy to President Obama's good guy, such as with North Korea, Iran and Israel, and still looking good. She has been a true team player. If Clinton is dissatisfied with her role, you would never know it. She has been loyal and supportive to the president and has maintained a good relationship with him and with others in the White House. If she is being left out of the policymaking, or being sent on trips to keep her out of town, she has not shown it. She is cheerful, thoughtful, serious and diligent. There are no horror stories about her coming out of the State Department. Most notable, though, is that Bill Clinton has not been the problem that so many anticipated. He has been supportive of her and of Obama, and he has stayed out of the limelight and been discreet about his own life. 

Sally sounds more like she is promoting Hillary for sainthood than for the vice-presidency. In fact, Sally believes that the Hillary "magic" would be enough to ward off the "evil" Sarah Palin spell:

She is tireless and relentless. Given the combination of votes that she and Obama got in the 2008 primary campaign, they would be a near-unbeatable team. Clinton also appeals to independents, but importantly, she would neutralize the effect of Sarah Palin. Whatever Palin came up with, Hillary could best her -- and the Tea Party crowd as well. The Republicans would lose their "year of the woman" argument. And based on experience alone, Hillary is far more qualified to be president than any of the Republicans being considered today, including Mitt Romney, Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty and Palin. 

And what of Joe Biden? How would he handle what is essentially a demotion? According to Sally, he would happily swallow his pride because he secretly wants to become Secretary of State:

True, Joe Biden has been rehabilitated. A recent profile in The Post portrayed him as a successful and intelligent man whose foreign policy advice is valued by the president. The gaffe-prone former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee seems to have worked out the kinks. Clearly, he is aware that he is no longer an independent voice but, rather, a representative of the president. But Biden has no intention of running for president in six years. His passion is foreign policy. He would have been an ideal choice for secretary of state had he not been Obama's running mate. And those who know him have said that secretary of state is his dream job. 

So welcome to Sally's World in which a simple job switch would cause the "evil" Republicans to melt away make everything right again for the liberal agenda.

Sally saved her best laugh line about this job switch suggestion for the final sentence:

Take it seriously. 

Oh yes, Sally, we  certainly will... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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