'Brave' Congressman Announces Opposition to Senate Health Bill...After Pelosi Drops It

Sometimes you can get a better feel of the political mood in the country by reading small town newspapers than you can by following the mainstream media. And if Democrats think that by jumping ship on Obamacare in the wake of Scott Brown's election as senator from Massachusetts they can spare themselves the political consequences of their earlier support, they should read the comments from the readers of this Zanesville (Ohio) Times Recorder article. It is about local Democrat Congressman Zack Space suddenly displaying a profile in no courage by announcing yesterday his opposition to the Senate health care bill...after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces she didn't have the votes to pass it:

U.S. Rep. Zack Space said Thursday he plans to oppose the health care bill passed by the U.S. Senate.

He made the announcement shortly after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the national media she didn't think she had the votes to pass the bill.

Wow! How bold of you, Zack, to announce your opposition to the Senate bill AFTER it has been pronounced DOA by Pelosi.

Read on as Congressman Space details his sudden opposition to the already dead Senate bill:

Space, D-Dover, said this bill only serves insurance companies by giving them new customers, and doesn't address the issues of high costs and Medicare fraud.

He said he is opposed to the process used in the Senate to pass the bill, claiming that there were back-room dealings in swinging key votes. 

And where was Space when his opposition would have really counted? The article provides the answer:

Space did vote for a House bill that would cost $1.1 trillion in the first 10 years and provide coverage to 36 million more people.

And if Congressman Space thought that he could fool some of the people some of the time, judging from the comments to this article, in the future he will be fooling none of the people none of the time:

Too little, too late Zack. I wish I could say that it has been nice. I guess I'll just have to say it will be nice to be rid of you. Two yes votes, one for "cap and trade" and one for the healthcare legislation, along with a refusal to have a townhall meeting, has cancelled any political ambition you may have had. Maybe you could get elected in Massachusetts...then again maybe not. Prepare yourself Mr. Space,your "pink slip" will be given out in November.

It is a shame you didn't have this kind of "knowledge" the first time around!! No matter, come November you are out of here!!! When you were elected you were to represent "the people", not Pelosi!!! Hopefully, you will be able to stick to voting "NO" when the time comes!!

Gee whiz Zack, aren't you the one that about three months ago said you didn't like the bill but was going to vote on it because it was better than no vote. I don't suppose Massachusettes has you dropping some bricks in your pants right now does it?
You're either lying or you're spineless Zach. Why didn't we hear you protesting the shenanigans going on in the Senate when it happened rather than waiting to speak up after the health care legislation is DEAD??? You're now in damage control mode and only an ignorant Democrat has their head in the sand far enough to not see the obvious.
Don't let this chamillion fool you! He's one true liberal that is worrying about getting re-elected and nothing else. Remember this is the same man that wouldn't face his contituents eye to eye!
Don't be fooled by this con man. He has been all for this control scheme all along. The only reason he's saying this now is because his puppeteer Pelosi has told him to.
And how many other Congressman Spaces are there out there? Many of them can be discovered simply by reading the local small town newspapers as MSM outlets continue to obsess over Sarah Palin.
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