Kossacks Display Hate by Rejoicing in Rush Limbaugh Hospitalization

December 31st, 2009 11:33 AM

For some strange reason, the Daily Kos has gained the reputation in the mainstream media for somehow being composed of "reasonable progressives" in stark contrast to their Democratic Underground cousins whom even many in the MSM will admit are flat out loons. However, certain events prove that the Kossacks are every bit as crazed and full of hate as the DUers. And one such event that has proved this to be true is the reaction of the two sites to the news that Rush Limbaugh has been hospitalized in Hawaii.

Of course there was a DU thread full of hate towards Rush but as you can see in this Kossack thread, they are every bit as hateful as the DUers. Some sanity-challenged sample comments from the Kossacks on the subject of Rush Limbaugh's hospitalization:

He does NOT have a f---ing right to make up s--t and present it as fact to incite his millions of so-called ditto heads to hatred and violence. 

i hope that this piece of human excrement that has lied and lied his way to a fortune is silenced for a long time...eternity

Feel the "love!" This was a very long thread chock full of hate. Some more examples:

Why isn't this POS in jail? He needs to be sharing a cell with a large angry black homosexual. And those are the "nice" thoughts I have for him. 

It is nature's way of telling a--holes like Limbaugh that beers are being thrown back in celebration of that heart attack. 

If he gets well, so be it. If he gets worse, be it paralyzed, comatose, or dead, he's earned it.

I hope he dies and I'm glad he's sick. All this fat a--hole has done is encourage a whole generation of Americans to be right-wing, bigoted scumbags like him. He's divided our nation and has been nothing but a bad influence. 

I'll never apologize for hating Rush. Or wishing death and illness on him.

Of course, if you think the Kossacks couldn't get any worse, just wait until Rush recuperates and returns to the golden EIB microphone. That will completely drive them even further over the edge so get well soon, Rush!

If you can stomach it, you can read even more postings of the Kossacks completely consumed by hate at the DUmmie FUnnies.