Leftwing Blogger Hate Over Lieberman Hilariously Set to Audio

Your humble correspondent has been chronicling the leftwing lunacy in the blogosphere for just over five years in the DUmmie FUnnies. It's a simple matter of copy and paste. Their own crazy words entertains those in the world of the sane. However, John Gibson has taken it a step further. He has used his Gibson Players to actually read what what the left has posted in a special feature of his radio show called "Blue Blogs."

In this latest intallment of Gibson's Blue Blogs, the leftwing blogosphere has gone absolutely berserk on the subject of Joe Lieberman who they blame for destroying the public option in the Senate healthcare bill. You can laugh yourself sick by listening to the leftwing rants here. And for you skeptics out there who doubt that there are people who can be so crazy, I will not only post the transcripts of some of the rants but also provide the links.

The first hate-filled rant about Joe Lieberman heard on Blue Blogs comes to us via the Daily Kos:

Joe Lieberman, you just made my mom's life harder because of your pigheaded, evil need for retribution against a rag-tag group of internet bloggers who had the temerity to primary you.

So on behalf of my mother, and all the women in her similar situation: F--- you and the horse you rode into the Senate on. As God is my witness I will work every. friggin. day. to ensure your defeat...

The next rant was provided to us by the Ministry of Truth in The Wild Wild Left:

If the Democratic Party is Moderate Conservative and dictated to by the Lieberman's and Stupak's and the GOP are batsh-- whackadoo insane Conservatives who are pro torture and anti empathy what choice is their in our Democracy? Can we even call it a Democracy anymore?

...If Democrats lose to this insane crowd of teabagging sociopaths on the right they will have earned it in every way and I for one will be glad to have gotten rid of the rotten low hanging fruit in the Democratic party that enabled the Conservatives and helped them beat us. I am reminded of a line of verse in George Orwell's 1984, from which I take my pen name. I leave you with these words:

Under the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me . . 

And this from my favorite site to harvest for hilariously loony quotes, the Democratic Underground:

This is over the top treachery - time to pull out all stops. This cannot be held up by a couple of motherf---ing backstabbing Republicrats. F--- 60, we have enough to pass it. Force them to prevent a vote.

And this gem of Lieberman hate from Think Progress:

I really don’t give a crap about LIEberman. In fact, go to reconciliation and cut him off at the knees. ALL of them. Nelson, Landreiu, Lincoln…. We gave them a majority, we expect action. Everyone who will not back us, they lose every chair, every perk. Then we put in Progressives in their districts for the Primaries then toss them out on their asses.

And another goody from Think Progress:

It’s far past time for Lieberman to be reduced to the status of “mushroom”. Keep him in the dark and feed him sh--. Then, let him explain to the good voters of Connecticut why their Senator is ignored and despised by all.

Okay, one more comedy rant from Think Progress:

whack him in the knees, harry…

fk this sh--…


As one who is intimately familiar with sanity-challenged leftwing blogosphere ranting take my word, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

As for setting the leftwing rants to audio... Hmmm. May I steal your idea, John?

John Gibson
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