Global Warming? Snow Falls Down Under During Australian Summer

Paging Al Gore!

The global warming alarmists are claiming that 2010 could be the warmest year on record. Perhaps they better inform Mother Nature about this since she seems to be having other plans leading into the new year. Not only is the U.S.A. experiencing unusually cold weather but, almost unbelievably, Australia has just had some snowfall two weeks into their summer which officially began on December 1. Here is a report from the Australian Weather Zone about the summer snow:

Most people consider summer a time to wear shorts and thongs wherever one pleases, with little thought of ski jackets or snowboards. However Victoria's Mount Baw Baw saw a light dusting of snow, and it's already two weeks into summer.

A cold front crossed the nation's southeast during Thursday, bringing gusty winds and some good falls to southern Victoria.

Mount Baw Baw was one of the many locations to receive these falls, 31 millimetres in fact. Part of this was snow, around five centimetres, not enough to rejuvenate the ski season, but enough to create an excited buzz.

Melbourne itself didn't miss out. The city recorded 10 millimetres, now making a total (so far) of 30 millimetres.

Perhaps the IPCC delegates in Copenhagen need to switch gears and work on global cooling. After all this was the big climate scare 30 years ago until the alarmists finally settled on global warming as their apocalyptic theme of choice.
Global Warming

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