Blogosphere Roars, MSM Snores: Zelaya Attempted Honduran Referendum Vote Fraud

Stories reported almost exclusively by the Blogosphere which are mostly ignored by the mainstream media have become such a recurring theme recently that it deserves to be filed under the category of  "Blogosphere Roars, MSM Snores." And the latest entry in this category is the report from the Catalan Europa Press in Spain relayed via the Babalu Blog about an attempt by former Honduran president Manuel (Mel) Zelaya to fix the results of a planned referendum via programmed computers on the very day he was ousted. Here is the translation of the story which has yet to appear in the English language press here in North America:

Several computers containing the results of the referendum Zelaya wanted to conduct are seized at the Presidential Palace

Are you taking notes, ACORN? And now for the rest of the story:

The National Directors of Criminal Investigation seized various computers from the Presidential Palace that had recorded the supposed results of the referendum to reform the constitution that the deposed leader, Manuel Zelaya, was planning to conduct on June 28, the day he was removed from office.

Or, as the Babalu Blog put it, taking a page out of the Hugo Chavez playbook:

The official investigation now deals with the possible crime of fraud and falsification of documents due to the fact that some of the certified voting results had been filled with the personal information of individuals that supposedly participated in the failed referendum that did not take place because of the coup.

One of the district attorneys that participated in the operation that took place this Friday showed reporters an official voting result from the Technical Institute Luis Bogran, of Tegucigalpa, in which the specific number of people that participated in table 345, where there were 550 ballots, 450 of which were votes in favor of Zelaya's proposal and 30 were against, in addition to 20 blank ballots and 30 ballots, which were nullified.

And how many of those table 345 ballots were cast by dead Chicagoans? Sorry, I just couldn't resist:

The seizure took place on the third floor of the building attached to the Ministry of the Presidency that had been rented to the ex-minister of the Interior, Enrique Flores Lanza. The deputy district attorney, Roberto Ramirez, declared this area as a "crime scene" and, although he did not want to provide further details, said that further evidence had been found that could be categorized as crimes of fraud, embezzlement of funds, falsification of documents, and abuse of authority.

In addition to the Babalu Blog, this story was also reported by Fausta's Blog, Atlas Shrugs, and Capitol Hill Cubans among others. And has anybody yet heard a peep about this "inconvenient" story breaking through the wall of silence maintained by the MSM?

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