Alexandra Pelosi Oozes Elitism in Interview About Her 'Angry Conservatives' Documentary

The Alexandra Pelosi (daughter of Nancy) documentary, "Right America: Feeling Wronged," premiered on HBO last night. One word perfectly describes it: "tedious." Over and over and over again, Pelosi tries to hammer home the point that conservatives are angry because they just don't know what is best for them. And what is best is least in Pelosi's opinion. Overall, her documentary offers very little insight except for the fact that Pelosi thinks socialism is misunderstood by the "unenlightened" yahoos. However, a Salon.Com interview with her about the documentary reveals quite a lot of insight into the incredible elitism of one Alexandra Pelosi and it's not a pretty sight. So suspend your gag reflexes as Pelosi the Younger puts her elitism on display. First off she blames blogs for much of the current political climate (meaning angry conservatives from the Pelosi POV):

I think that the blogs have poisoned the political atmosphere in such a way that I never saw this kind of anger and hatred in 2000. In 2008, I was impressed by how angry it got. But you know elections have gotten nasty. I do think that blogs have really given people a place to, I don't know, maybe it's therapeutic for them. But it’s really gotten them fired up in a way. They talk to each other online and then they get worked up and then they go meet each other at rallies. And I just feel like the Internet has really changed the climate at the political rallies. Because I remember the Bush rallies as being fun. But you know, a lot's happened. 9/11 and all that poisoning the well. The whole partisan Bush years and the war poisoned the well. A lot of other things contributed. You can't just blame the blogs.

Does Pelosi mean "angry rightwing" blog entries such as The Republican Party Needs to be Eliminated posted just a few days ago at the Democratic Underground? Oops! That site is far left. And you can see those folks on C-SPAN whenever they cover leftwing rallies. You know, those places full of angry people waving Palestinian flags and screaming for the prosecution of the "evil Bush regime" for war crimes. Of course, don't expect to see Alexandra Pelosi covering such rallies with her HBO documentary camera. 

As expected, Ms Pelosi completely mischaracterizes the people she covers in her documentary. See, according to Pelosi, it isn't so much that they don't agree with Barack Obama's policies. It's all really because the "yahoos" have a hard time accepting change:

...There is a lot of talk about change. Even John McCain was talking about change. But change is always going to be harder for some than for others. And there's always going to be those who are not ready. And you see people in my film saying, "I'm not ready. Hey, I'm a redneck, I'm proud of it, I'm more backwards than the rest of you, and I'm just not ready. Not ready for a black president, not ready for change, I'm just not ready."

And now your humble correspondent presents the money quote from Alexandra Pelosi:

For me, it wasn't so much the Muslim thing, it was the socialist thing. Respectfully, I wanted to say to them, I live on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. I am on the winning side of capitalism. I work for HBO, corporate America. The Man has been good to me. You, on the other hand, are driving a truck that says, "Obama is a socialist idiot," and you're in a much lower tax bracket than most of the people in Manhattan that are voting for Obama. So the times I would actually get into it would be like, "OK, explain to me why you think he's an idiot. He's trying to give you a tax cut. You understand you're voting against your own self-interest?"

You poor ignorant fools. You don't even have my clear understanding of what socialism even means that I...I, Alexandra Pelosi who lives on Fifth Avenue and makes big bucks working for HBO because I am on the winning side of nepotism, do. The problem is that you just don't know what's best for you, you ignorant blue collar fools!

An encore from Pelosi about how those "ignoramuses" misunderstand socialism:

You're not trying to point out that 90 percent of the people at the rallies don't know what socialism is.

Oh, and if supposed tax cuts are so good now, then why were they so horrible when Bush was President?

p.s. Your humble correspondent is now available via Twitter: @pjcomix.

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