Obama Youth Junior Fraternity Regiment

October 2nd, 2008 7:45 PM
In some ways, this video is even more disturbing than the video of the children singing a tribute to Barack Obama. In this case, we see a bunch of kids dressed in paramilitary uniforms ritualistically shouting out their praise for Obama. Yes, according to the chants, these kids are supposedly inspired to enter various professions all thanks to a certain Chicago Machine politician. This is reminiscent of North Korean kids chanting out their praises for the "Dear Leader." And is this performance by students of Urban Community Leadership Academy of Kansas City, MO even legal? Here is what the information box says next to this YouTube video:

I called and spoke to Bernard, who said he was the assistant Dean. He was very gentlemanly and when I voiced my concerns about the video, he told me that this was taken at the school last year when Obama was beginning his campaign. He assured me that they stopped this "regiment" because they felt the person who was organizing it was pushing his political agenda.


He assured me that he didn't know it was on YouTube. I gave him the link to where to go for this video and when he found it he said, "Oh this is not good. I had no idea" I told him I'd take his word for it. He then asked me, nicely, "what's the main concern? Because I want to understand where you're coming from so that I can figure out how to handle this."

Nicely, I told him that the video looked militant. I told him about the Colburn School video and how it resembles propaganda films from Communist dictatorships. I told him that the US military is frowned upon for going to high schools trying to recruit potential grads into joining their ranks. Why shouldn't we frown upon those who come to a school like yours to encourage kids to worship a politician? One who is not even a president.

I also said that if this was done to make kids feel better about themselves, why do it in the name of Obama? Why not encourage kids to believe in the power of themselves?

He assured me that he would get to the bottom of the situation, thanked me for my call and we hung up.

Apparently this Obama paramilitary video has also made others uneasy as you can see in these YouTube comments:

Blind ideologue sycophants for Obama! 

This should scare the hell out of any freedom loving American. The Democrats, their accomplices in the media and the schools, are producing the next generation of Hitler Youth. Welcome to the People's Socialist Republic of America.

Why does this scare us? Because of the "because of Obama" line, repeated over and over. This cult-of-personality shit is scary... Obama is a POLITICIAN. Understand that? He's a politician, with all that implies.

Look, it is commendable that these young men want to become doctors, lawyers, mechanics and engineers but why the cultist devotion to Obama? And why are they reciting Obama's health care plan? What has that to do with their plans to excel?

Imagine the reaction from the mainstream media if there were some paramilitary youth group in a public school chanting ritualistic praise for John McCain. However, since the "Dear Leader" in this case is Barack Obama, all we get from the MSM are the sounds of silence.