Spike Lee: History Can Be Divided Into BB (Before Barack) and AB (After Barack)

August 28th, 2008 8:49 AM

Spike Lee seems intent on inadvertently subverting Barack Obama's campaign. As we saw previously, Spike Lee suggested that rappers could be an important campaign asset for Obama. And now in an interview with an MSNBC reporter, Lee asserts that history can be divided into two epochs. Here is a transcript (emphasis mine):

 REPORTER: I'm joined now by Spike Lee who we found on the floor of the Democratic convention. First of all, it's such a key...

SPIKE LEE: Amongst the Indiana delegates...

REPORTER: And Florida too. Powerful delegations.

LEE: (garbled) Florida and Indiana. That's all right.

REPORTER: As someone who has been such a keen observer of race relations in this country, what does it mean to you to be standing here with the first African-American nominee of the party?

LEE:  Look, I'm not a delegate or anything like that. I'm just here to witness history. So I want to bear witness to history. I think this is a great moment not just American history but world history. So I'm glad to be here.

REPORTER: Did you ever think you'd see this day in your lifetime?

LEE: Never. Never.

REPORTER: What does it mean to you?

LEE: It means that this is a whole new world. I think...I've been saying this before. You can divide history. BB Before Barack. AB After Barack.

Something to keep in mind when members of the media assert that Republicans are exaggerating the claims of messianism on the part of Barack Obama by Democrats. Oh, and enjoy the Labor Day weekend of Year One AB.