Kossacks Plot Laughable Boycott of ABC and Disney

Recycle videos, buy used cars, eat non-Nabisco cookies, and drink microbrewery beer. These are among the highly laughable suggestions promoted at the Daily Kos as part of their proposed boycott of ABC and Disney because Barack Obama was finally asked some tough questions at Wednesday's Democrat debate in Philadelphia. It was only 23 minutes into the debate before the boycott thread was posted at the Daily Kos with the outraged title of Tomorrow We Take On ABC, and Disney. It is hard to figure out which is funnier, the boiling outrage over the fact that their blessed messiah was asked challenging questions or the incredibly lame ideas for the proposed boycott. Here is a sampling of the Kossack inadvertent comedy act:

keep watching the videos you already have. SHARE them with other parents who would otherwise buy the Disney DVD, and don't buy Disney in the future. And talk to your kids about the power of the corporate media and the RESPONSIBILITY of the consumer to use their power as a balance. Spoken as a mom of a 7, 10 and 11 yr old. Yes, I do have these crazy, nerdy conversations with my children.

buy used cars... or keep your current car going, or use mass transit or walk; eat non-Nabisco cookies and crackers, buy electronics from Apple or your local electronics shack, and quit drinking corporate swill beer (Coors, Anheiser Busch products, Miller) and support you local microbrewery. Write letters to these corps and let them know why.

From now on only broadcast on CSPAN or PBS; moderators selected by the Democratic Party. Or produce and feed directly.

Put me in charge and I will have these conglomerates broken up with their management and lackeys (Gibson, Stephanopoulos) in prison for a long time. Crimes against democracy will be defined, codified and punishments carried out forthwith.

THEY HUNG UP ON ME!! M*%^&$ F^$&%*^* C($* S*%&$%#! I started to calmly express my disgust and they hung up!

A more complete catalogue of this classic Kossack comedy can be seen at the DUmmie FUnnies.

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