Adventures in Ennui: Sun-Sentinel 'Blob' Continues to Bore

In yet another example of how the dinosaur media is completely unable to cope with the new web technology, the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel's editorial blog (or "blob" as editor Earl Maucker described it accurately last summer via a typo), The Slant, continues to generate almost no interest from the readers. Out of 21 entries posted to The Slant from January 16 through February 28, only three comments were left by readers. Something of an underwhelming response. Of course, it might have helped if the Sun-Sentinel actually provided a direct link to The Slant "Blob" from its opening page. Here is how the Sun-Sentinel describes The Slant which was launched last year with much hype:

The Slant is a blog by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board. It's designed to serve as a forum for commentary on the policies and politics that affect our region and state. We hope to elevate the public discourse -- and have fun doing it.
With a grand total of three comments out of 21 "blob" entries, The Slant doesn't exactly resemble a forum. As to fun, perhaps only to those who get their kicks from reading "blob" entries with "exciting" titles like "School performance inches up" and "The United Way Wants your vote." 
The other big change initiated last year by the Sun-Sentinel to take advantage of the capabilities of the web was animated cartoons created by Chan Lowe. Here is how the Sun-Sentinel editorial page editor, Antonio Fins, excitedly described this innovation:
We didn't settle for simply posting Chan's editorial cartoons. Instead, we've chosen to take advantage of the Internet's capability by putting motion into them, giving Chan a chance to be even more creative.
It looks like the Sun-Sentinel has ditched this new way of taking "advantage of the Internet's capability" since no Chan Lowe animated cartoon has appeared since November. Perhaps a look at his latest animated cartoon can explain why no other such animation has appeared since then.

If the Sun-Sentinel as well as much of the rest of the dinosaur media wants to attract readers online, it needs to come up with something better than its less than useless "innovations" in trying to cope with the challenges of the web. However, we do need to thank the Sun-Sentinel for the inadvertent laughs provided by that animated cartoon innovation. So let us enjoy a chuckle from an encore performance.

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