HuffPost Blogger: Left Cowardly for Shunning Fox News

Among the very few Huffington Post bloggers willing to break the predictable liberal mold is John Ridley (pictured) who has frequently appeared as a guest panelist on Joe Scarborough's Morning Joe show on MSNBC. Although many of Ridley's previous opinions might have made the Huffington Post readers somewhat uncomfortable, I doubt that any of his other postings sparked the firestorm of outrage of his July 31 blog, The Left Fringe Needs to Quit Being Scared of the Fox. The only problem I have with that title is that it isn't just the "Left Fringe" that is afraid of appearing on Fox. It is also the mainstream Democrats, including such pandering presidential candidates as John Edwards and Barack Obama. After initially establishing his liberal credentials with an obligatory attack on Fox News, Ridley goes on to chide the left for refusing to appear on that network:

Obviously, Fox News makes its bank in extreme opinion. I've already registered my disgust with John Gibson who is NOT a racist. He's just an old white guy who thinks white people oughta maintain their white dominance by having lots of white babies. But does Fox opine any less than Keith Olbermann or Chris Matthews over at MSNBC (another disclosure, I co host Morning Joe on the network, though I hope by now that's not actually a disclosure for anyone anymore)?

The far left fringe feasting on their own is, of course, hardly a new phenomenon. There are nearly half a dozen pejoratives reserved for any liberal who would dare to be a guest of "the enemy." Quite ironic when you consider that House Speaker Nancy had no fear of slapping on a do-rag and having a siddown with actual "enemy" Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (as have Republicans), and in light of the current Obama/Clinton dust up over Obama's remarks that he would go "toe to toe with the leaders of rogue nations."

...For the Dems to participate in the circus-like YouTube debate, only to run from the Fox News/Congressional Black Caucus debate is seriously weak. More so when you consider the exodus was largely driven by far left leaning websites.

Unfortunately for Ridley, it looks like the Democrats won't be taking his advice anytime soon. They will continue self-defeating themselves by shunning Fox News and its large viewership. You can get an idea as to what any Democrat will face if they try to defy the Fox hating nutroots by taking a look at the many heated comments left on Ridley's blog:

Fox News has demonstrated its willingness to lie and distort in its editing. It is a propaganda organization and should not be treated with the respect due to a news operation.

It is when Democrats go on Fox, can't keep up, get the poo beat out of themselves and make all Democrats look bad that we object to. In the end they are just drown out by republicans who have practice sessions in speed talking and never running out of a talking point. And finally they end up either seeming to be crowed or agreeing with the motor mouth nutcase.

It's a far stretch to compare Fox to Olberman, who, while selective and opinionated, isn't unfair. Just say no.

In the Holocaust days of WW 2, would it be advisable for oppressed Jews to meet with fascist propagandists when to do so would give them legitimacy?

A larger compendium of deranged Huffington Post comments in response to John Ridley on the subject of Fox News can be seen at the DUmmie FUnnies.

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