Brzezinski, Hochul: Women ‘Die’ Without Abortion, Need Military Assets

June 26th, 2023 6:24 PM

Pro-abortion firebrand and MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski joined New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D-NY) on Monday’s Morning Joe to discuss Hochul’s plans to subvert Republican pro-life legislation. During the segment, Brzezinski made the brain busting claim that not allowing women to get abortions will leave them dead or sterilized, followed by Hochul’s Freudian slip in which she called for utilizing military arsenals against those who oppose abortion.

Brzezinski dedicated the segment to Kathy Hochul’s legislation that would enable abortion providers in New York to send abortion pills to women in Republican states, effectively bypassing the laws enacted in those states in the wake of Roe v. Wade’s repeal by the United States Supreme Court. She, along with Hochul and activist Lauren Leader fearmongered about the necessity of abortion, and simultaneously threatened Republicans.



Brzezinski fumed: “And these governors who are imposing six-week bans, fifteen-week bans, they need to be voted out, because at this point, women are going to die or become sterilized because they can’t get the health care you need.”

Her claim that women will die from not having abortions was wildly untruthful, because many Republican states’ abortion restrictions had provisions for when the life of the mother was at stake, but more so because studies found that the reasons for abortion that include rape or incest (0.3%), risk to the woman’s life (0.2%), or other physical health concerns (2.5%) account for ”less than five percent of all abortions”.

These lies peddled by the left are part of a continuing effort to label abortion as “medical care” that saved lives, when the data shows a different reality, where abortion was overwhelmingly carried out because of monetary reasons, or for the purposes of eugenics – where the baby is killed because it has a health issue. Eugenics was heavily utilized by the Nazis as a way to eliminate races and other groups they deemed as “inferior”.

Brzezinski’s tantrum was then outdone by Kathy Hochul: “Again, this is a war we are in, and we have to use all the arsenal, all the mil – ary-  all the assets we have to be able to win this on behalf of our women.”

Hochul appeared to be trying to use the imagery of war to rally support for her cause, a common occurrence in politics, but here she accidentally said what she was thinking: that military force should be used to enforce the left’s ideological demands. This was far from the first time the left has called for political violence against their enemies, but Hochul should take a lesson from Wagner and Yevgeny Prigozhin’s failed coup and make it her last time.

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MSNBC’s Morning Joe
7:30 AM ET


KATHY HOCHUL: You know, this has not been done before. 


HOCHUL: It's not been enforced. And I'm prepared to stand on the constitutional rights of the people in this country. And we'll -- if someone sues us, we'll fight back, because we cannot-  


HOCHUL: Be subjugated to these individuals who are just weaponizing every way they can to take away women's basic rights. And we're sick and tired of this. We’re sick and tired of being victimized by people who are at war with women in this country, whether it's the Supreme Court of the United States, whether it's Republicans in Congress, or Republican governors. My god, why don't they pay attention to the fact that women will be voting? More women vote than men. That is a good thing. And there will be consequences-


HOCHUL: When we take back the House next year and start letting people see that elections have consequences. 

LAUREN LEADER: Governor, [inaudible]

BRZEZINSKI: Yeah they do. And these governors who are imposing six-week bans, fifteen-week bans, they need to be voted out because, at this point, women are going to die or become sterilized because they can't get the health care you need. Lauren, you've been jumping in. Sorry to cut you off. Lauren Leader, you're next. 

LEADER: No, Sorry, Mika. No, I talked to one of the doctors on Friday who is involved in crafting this bill, and one of the things she shared to the question, Mika, you asked about the mailing of the pills is that women today in the states where it’s illegal or it’s difficult to access, they're ordering pills from places like Mexico. And the benefit of a bill like the New York bill is hopefully the doctors can mail them directly to patients and they'll get them within a couple days. Governor, are you hopeful other states may follow suit? Cause this feels like the kind of innovation that we need. I mean I think a lot of lawmakers are struggling with how to respond to this crisis in ways that are legal, that are accessible. Are you hopeful this will happen elsewhere? 

HOCHUL: New York is always just happy to lead. The women's rights movement started here. Abortion was legal in New York three years before Roe V. Wade. So we're used to being leaders. And yes, we have provided the template. We have the legislation. We have the language. We're happy to share that with any other governor who actually respects the rights of the women that they are representing in their own states. And so, we're happy to do it. And we’ll happy to be the test case because we have no choice. Again, this is a war we are in, and we have to use all the arsenal, all the mil – ary-  all the assets we have to be able to win this on behalf of our women.