HBO Imports Story Featuring Very Young Girl Sucking on Plastic Penis Cup

The sexualization of children is now promoted on “edgier” cable entertainment outlets. “Angry Boys,” an Australian “mockumentary” shown by HBO, showed a young girl drinking out of a pink plastic cup shaped like a penis in Episode 12.

The incident is meant to be comedic. But showing a young girl sucking on a penis in a comedic fashion is akin to showing child pornography.

Penis humor is a major premise of “Angry Boys.” Out Magazine reported that the show features a Japanese mother exploiting her teenage son “to create a merchandising empire of cock shaped products.” In one episode, according to Out Magazine, the mother (played by a male, the creator and director of the show, Chris Lilley) unscrewed a pink plastic penis and shook it over parmesan cheese.

Lilley’s work has appeared on HBO before. He directed another controversial series, “Summer Heights High,” which appeared on HBO in 2008.

But Lilley has no problem with shock value. The creator of the show, he declared in an interview with the Los Angeles Times: “But part of me kind of enjoys provoking people.” ‘Angry Boys’ bills itself as an “outrageous comedy.”

USA Today didn’t remark on the controversy. The paper simply called the show “even less politically correct” than his previous work.

Running a foul program is consistent with HBO’s general marketing plan. The paid TV channel already lists “Real Time with Bill Maher” and the sex-filled vampire show “True Blood” among its offerings.

Promoting child pornography is a comedic way is much more shocking and outrageous than funny.

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