BMI’s Gainor Discusses Media’s Downbeat Economic Coverage

Bad economy! Bad, bad, bad economy!

Business & Media Institute director Dan Gainor appeared on ‘Fox Business Live' November 15 to discuss the media's focus on the negative parts of the economy. Two of the networks, NBC and CBS led with positive news of the year's second best day of the year, but then focused on high gas prices this week.

"It goes beyond ‘it bleeds, it leads.' This is a consistent theme we've been watching for several years...Any time you have any sort of negative news they hype that and any sort of positive news, they undercut it," said Gainor.

Gainor added that there is always a political way to how the network cover business, pointing to the Business & Media Institute's special report, "One Economy, Two Spins", which found the media's coverage more favorable of the Clinton economy than the Bush economy.

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