Dan Gainor Discusses 'Going Green' on CNBC’s Power Lunch

November 9th, 2007 3:27 PM

Is it time for more businesses to ‘go green'? Not so fast, says Director of the Business & Media Institute Dan Gainor.

Gainor appeared on CNBC's "Power Lunch" November 9 to discuss business investment in green products, a popular story on many news programs.

"The problem is companies are spending tons of green, going green...for some things, Wal-Mart has found some solutions that make a lot of sense, but then you look at Fed-Ex, they found that just going to hybrid trucks...were 75% more expensive," said Gainor.

You can watch the YouTube video after the break.

The Business & Media Institute examined the greening of business in the October 31 edition of its weekly newsletter The Balance Sheet. BMI found that businesses were stretching themselves to the limit to go green.

BusinessWeek magazine promoted the idea that businesses would benefit from "going green" on June 22, 2007, as did CNN on Dec. 21, 2006, and National Public Radio on May 10, 2005.