Bristol Palin: 'Warning: You Might Lose IQ Points By Watching This MSNBC Clip'

December 28th, 2013 4:36 PM

As NewsBusters previously reported, MSNBC's Joy Reid on Thursday badly misinterpreted an Old Testament passage to ridicule former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for having a Christmas tree on Christmas.

On Saturday, Palin's daughter Bristol took to her blog to respond to Reid in a piece she marvelously titled "Warning: You Might Lose IQ Points by Watching this MSNBC Clip":

I’m happy that channel is now so concerned with the Bible though. But isn’t it amazing that the host believes there’s a passage in Jeremiah that is talking about CHRISTMAS trees?

That is soo funny.

Is that next to the verses in Lamentations about Rudolph?

Or the one in Leviticus about Frosty the Snowman?

It’s about the best example of Palin Derangement Syndrome I’ve seen lately: using an Old Testament Bible verse about idolatry to talk about a modern Christian tradition? Newsflash, MSNBC: no one worships Christmas trees. Not to mention Jesus was born hundreds of years after that passage was written.

Welcome to MSNBC, Bristol - a place where facts are things to ignore when they interfere with your agenda.

But Palin wasn't finished mocking MSNBC, for she concluded her piece with a video clip from Adam Sandler's "Billy Madison" that perfectly describes what regular viewers of this so-called "news network" see virtually 24/7:

Now THAT's entertainment!