Flashback: Terry Bradshaw on Duck Dynasty’s Robertson: ‘That Guy Kept Me On The Bench For Two Years’

In the wake of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson’s anti-gay remarks published in GQ magazine, the liberal media are predictably hunting for his hide.

What most people don’t know is that Robertson was a football star in college so talented that back in October, NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw told NBC Tonight Show host Jay Leno, “That guy with that beard kept me on the bench for two years” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

TERRY BRADSHAW: That guy with that beard kept me on the bench for two years. He was the starting quarterback at Tech. I was his backup. Now seriously, he was good. And I couldn't complain. I never complained about being his backup because he was just that good. And then he just quit one day…He didn’t want to do it. I asked him while we were there at Tech the other day, I said, and he said, "I knew you were committed to football and I was committed to shooting ducks and squirrels and deer." And he said, "I just went my way and you went yours, and mine turned out good, and yours turned out good, and God bless you." […]

He used to come in, folks. He would come in, he would sit right next to me, our lockers were next to one another, and he would have duck guts and feathers stuck all over. All he wore was a t-shirt, Jay, and he'd have duck stuff stuck all over or he'd have a a squirrel tail hanging out. He wore Levi jeans, Adidas with the green stripes, no socks, and a white t-shirt every day of his life. And he would come covered in stuff. And he would have been out shooting stuff.

And he was the guy that nicknamed me Blonde Bomber. And he'd say, "Blonde Bomber, ducks are flying high, ducks are flying high." And he was always late for practice, late for the games. And I just sat there, “This is the guy that’s keeping me on the bench."

He even took me fishing, because I loved to fish. And he put a toad sack over my head so I wouldn't know where we going, made me lay down on the bottom of a boat. And that is a true story and it's in his book, because he knew if I found, if we caught fish, I’d go back there on my own. But a good guy, a great family.

As the mainstream media tear this man to shreds for expressing his opinion, you have to wonder whether any of them will bother discussing the possibility that had he stayed in football, Terry Bradshaw mightn't have become a household name.

Just imagine the torment the press would be experiencing if Robertson was a Hall of Fame quarterback sharing his opinions about this Sunday's games.

(HT Mark Anthony)

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