Woodward: Budget Deal Happened ‘Because Obama Wasn’t Part of the Negotiations’

As the President’s poll numbers continue to decline, it’s becoming quite clear that some of the media – excluding the hopeless shills on MSNBC, of course! – are beginning to feel more comfortable criticizing him.

Take the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward who on Fox News Sunday said the just concluded budget deal happened “because Obama was not part of the negotiations” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BOB WOODWARD: I think this budget deal worked, quite frankly - let's go right to the center of this - because Obama was not part of the negotiations. He is not a good negotiator. And I agree with Bill. I think Paul Ryan comes off as somebody who no one, even Bill is not going to say Ryan is a conservative. He is a conservative, but the philosophy that he employed here is very significant: sitting down with the Democrats and saying what is our common ground? What can we agree on?

And it is indeed small, but it’s a step forward. And what it does is it strengthens Ryan, but it also strengthens Boehner in a very, very significant way. He got way over 300 votes for this, and he said I, you know, he castigated the ultra-right-wing and the outsiders. And so I think he’s in a position maybe they can deal on some of these things.

Interesting observation.

Will others in the media feel comfortable pointing this out?

Stay tuned.

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