Kimmel: Obama's Given More Speeches About ObamaCare Than Have Signed Up

December 4th, 2013 10:26 AM

As NewsBusters has been reporting the past few months, late night comics have been having a field day with the disaster that is ObamaCare.

On ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday, the host spent a good part of his monologue trashing the program including an observation that “the number of speeches Obama has made about affordable healthcare is greater than the number of people who have actually signed up for affordable healthcare” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

JIMMY KIMMEL: At the White House today, President Obama gave a speech in defense of his Affordable Health Care Act. He said the whole thing is a disaster and he's sorry he even tried. [Laughter]

Interesting fact: did you know that the number of speeches Obama has made about affordable health care is greater than the number of people who have actually signed up for affordable healthcare? [Laughter]

The President said today that despite the initial problems with the website, it's working better now and it’s going to continue to improve going forward. According to the White House, a million people visited the website on Monday mostly to see if they were covered from injuries suffered at Walmart on Black Friday. [Laughter]

Unfortunately, only about 50,000 people can use the site at a time which caused problems. Why is it that only 50,000 people can use a government website without crashing it but like 4 million people can watch a kitten try to get its head out of a potato chip bag? No problem at all. [Laughter]

Some people were able to get all the way through the process only to discover they had inadvertently joined the Navy. [Laughter] They ship out next week.

What's interesting about this is that much of the media have spent the past few days trying to paint a brighter picture of ObamaCare following the recently concluded upgrade to the website.

If late night comics don't follow suit, it's going to be far more difficult for the Administration to alter the perception that this program is a joke.

CBS's David Letterman and NBC's Jay Leno are currently on vacation, so it's impossible to tell whether Kimmel is currently on an island by himself.

However, if Leno and Letterman return with continued shots at ObamaCare, it could be a very tough holiday season for the White House.

Stay tuned.