Huckabee: ‘Bashir Must Have Some Really Incriminating Photos of MSNBC Execs’

November 27th, 2013 12:20 PM

Calls for MSNBC’s Martin Bashir to be fired as a result of vile comments he made about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin continue to come in from a variety of sources.

On Fox & Friends Wednesday, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee said the fact Bashir still has a job suggests he “must have some really incriminating photos of executives at MSNBC,” and that if he’s not fired, “they got some splainin’ to do as to what their standards are” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BRIAN KILMEADE, CO-HOST: Let's go to the media right now and talk about Lara Logan, Martin Bashir and Alec Baldwin. It came out yesterday, Alec Baldwin’s show, poorly-rated over the last two weeks. He had a bit of a temper. But most of it, his anti-gay remarks that he claims he didn't make got him ousted from MSNBC. Martin Bashir makes disparaging marks against Sarah Palin, not a day suspended and just a forced apology. What's the difference there?

MIKE HUCKABEE: He must have some, Martin Bashir must have some really incriminating photos of executives at MSNBC. There’s no other explanation for why this guy is still on the air. Let's keep in mind what Alec Baldwin was fired for were things that he shouted in anger in the street. Wasn't on air, wasn’t scripted. I think the guy clearly needs to go to anger management.

But Bashir was scripted. This is something he intentionally said. This was not an off the cuff remark. And the fact is that for him to remain on air saying some of the most vile, just disgusting, despicable things about another human being really should mean that he gets canned.

And I think this: if MSNBC keeps Martin Bashir - right now he's getting a nice little vacation, and they say that was already planned - that if he comes back, then I think they've got - as Ricky Ricardo would say – they got some splainin’ to do as to what their standards are.

They're not going to explain anything, Mike.

They've learned from the Obama administration that all you have to do is let the clock run out and people will forget and move on.

As such, they're hoping that by Monday, people will be fat on Thanksgiving turkey and looking forward to Christmas.

(HT Mediaite)