Kimmel: President's Visit 'Turned LA Into the Traffic Equivalent of ObamaCare'

As NewsBusters has been reporting for almost two months, the disastrous rollout of Barack Obama's signature piece of legislation has made him the butt of late night jokes.

On ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday, the host repeatedly mocked the President's fundraising trip to California saying, "He basically turned the westside of Los Angeles into the traffic equivalent of the ObamaCare website" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

JIMMY KIMMEL: This is definitely a boost for President Obama who arrived here in Los Angeles today. He's here to congratulate Taylor Swift on her American Music Awards in person. [Laughter and applause]

As usual, the President’s motorcade made our normally miserable traffic even worse. He basically turned the westside of Los Angeles into the traffic equivalent of the ObamaCare website. [Laughter and applause]

The President is, I guess he's here for the same reason he's usually here: to attend a few Democratic fundraisers and to go to In-N-Out burger without his wife finding out. [Laughter and applause]

And I don't know what it is, but It seems like the only time the President comes to LA is for money. He’s like a college student who only comes home to do his laundry and steal leftovers from the fridge.

As for sneaking a Double Double at In-N-Out, the President likely recalls the first lady scolding Olympic hero Gabby Douglas for eating an Egg McMuffin as a reward for her numerous gold medals.

So how can you blame him for wanting to be 3,000 miles away when consuming all those delicious calories?

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