Maher: ‘Reagan Was an Amiable Square in a Cowboy Hat Who Had Sex With a Woman He Called Mommy’

November 23rd, 2013 2:07 PM

“JFK was far from perfect, but he was a true wit and a sex machine and he knew how to wear a pair of shades. Reagan was an amiable square in a cowboy hat who had sex with a woman he called ‘Mommy.’”

So said HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher Friday in a lengthy segment praising John F. Kennedy while trashing Ronald Reagan (video follows with commentary):

As Maher has never been married, he doesn’t know that such couples have a variety of nicknames for each other that have truly special meaning to them and oftentimes their children.

Reagan calling Nancy "Mommy" was a truly affectionate term of endearment. Anyone that has read about this couple knows that theirs is one of the greatest love stories of our time.

For Maher to use this against one of our nation’s most beloved presidents on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of another such beloved president is reprehensible.

In fact, the tenor of this entire segment – his final New Rule of the year prior to a lengthy winter break – was deplorable.

If Maher wanted to express his love for Kennedy on this day as virtually every single member of the media did, he was welcomed to do so.

But why did he feel the need to take such a solemn occasion to attack Reagan? Is honoring one man’s legacy enough without having to tear down another’s?

There have been some truly disgusting moments on Real Time this year, but what Maher did with this segment was tarnish both presidents on a day when people on both sides of the aisle should have just been honoring one.

I’d say shame on Bill Maher for this, but he demonstrated years ago that he doesn’t possess such an emotion.