Pinkerton: Media Love Affair With Christie Ends If He Gets Nomination

In case you were wondering when all the gushing and fawning over Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will end, Fox News’s James Pinkerton has the answer.

Appearing on MediaBuzz Sunday, Pinkerton said, “[I]f he gets the nomination against Hillary Clinton, they'll say, 'Okay, enough’” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

HOWARD KURTZ, HOST: Is Christie getting really good press in part because mainstream reporters, particularly in New York and Washington, like his views better, somewhat more moderate views, as opposed to Ted Cruz?

JAMES PINKERTON, FOX NEWS: He did win a big victory in a media intense state, right next to New York City, but I think that you're on to something there, Howie, and that is the media will, I predict, will love Christie, find him interesting, character, all this, YouTube guy, all this stuff, and then at the moment when he actually gets, if he gets the nomination against Hillary Clinton, they'll say, “Okay, enough. We used, we were happy to use him as a hammer on the conservatives, Ted Cruz and whoever, but now that the real choice is Christie versus Hillary, we got to go with Hillary.”

KURTZ: So you're predicting a turn in the coverage, much chillier reception if he actually becomes a threat to win the White House.

PINKERTON: Once he wins the nomination. He’s got a couple of good years to go.

Not surprisingly, we quite agree with Pinkerton.

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