Leno: ‘Easier to Join Al Qaeda Using Their Website Than it is to Sign Up for ObamaCare’

As NewsBusters has been reporting, late night comics are having a field day with the disastrous rollout of the President’s health insurance exchanges.

NBC Tonight Show host Jay Leno began the program Tuesday saying it’s “easier to join al Qaeda using their website than it [is] to sign up for ObamaCare” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

JAY LENO: Here’s a very disturbing story. You may have heard about this. 25-year-old man in New York arrested for trying to join al Qaeda. Well, here is the amazing part. He said it was still easier to join al Qaeda using their website than it was to sign up for ObamaCare. And he was in! He was in, in like, two minutes! [Laughter and applause]

Well, President Obama said yesterday, when it comes to all the problems with the ObamaCare website, he said, "No one is madder than me." So apparently he hasn't met any of these Republicans, I guess. [Laughter]

And of course, you know, today, boy, it's, and you know, it is hard, because today there were more problems with the website. It seems when you type in your age, it's confusing, because it's not clear if they want the age you are right now or the age you'll be when you finally log in. [Laughter] So there’s a period there. [Applause]

In total, Leno spent the first three minutes of the show lampooning ObamaCare with the audience eating it up.

As I observed yesterday, this website is such a disaster the jokes write themselves.

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