Hillary Clinton Heckled During College Speech: 'Benghazi, Benghazi, You Let Them Die!'

As NewsBusters reported, the media were practically orgasmic last week when Hillary Clinton stepped into politics endorsing Terry McAuliffe for governor of Virginia.

Will they give similar coverage to a speech Clinton gave at the University of Buffalo Wednesday which was interrupted by a man in the audience screaming, "Benghazi, Benghazi, you let them die!" (videos follow with commentary):

This first video was taken by University cameras and of course focused on Clinton without moving toward the heckler.

However, this second video, though low quality, was taken by someone present in the auditorium giving better audio of the heckler's comments.

As our friends at Twitchy reported, numerous people tweeted what occurred claiming that the heckler was removed.

This led Clinton to say, "We have to be willing to come together as citizens to focus on the kind of future we want, which doesn't include yelling. It includes sitting down and talking with one another."

This was met with loud applause from the audience, and likely would from the media as well if the word "Benghazi" wasn't uttered.

Or will so-called "journalists" reference Clinton being heckled and handling it well without mentioning the man said "Benghazi" which they like President Obama consider to be a phony scandal?

If this gets covered at all, that's my bet.

*****Update: Readers have probably noticed the second video no longer works. Here's a better one:

2016 Presidential Libya Video Hillary Clinton
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