Fox Nearly Doubles CNN and MSNBC's Combined Viewers Tuesday, Best Ratings Since Lineup Change

It looks like Fox News's revised lineup is a hit with viewers.

On Tuesday, FNC almost doubled the combined total viewers of CNN and MSNBC achieving its best ratings since recent changes that included the addition of Megyn Kelly to primetime.

According to TVNewser, from 7PM to 11PM Eastern time, Fox averaged 2.534 million viewers. MSNBC had 941k and CNN 397k.

In the all important demographic of people aged 25 to 54, Fox averaged 454k. MSNBC had 213k and CNN 134k.

As for the head-to-heads, the numbers certainly won't please MSNBC chief Phil Griffin.

Greta Van Susteren at 7:00 almost doubled Chris Matthews garnering 1.99 million viewers to his 1.03 million. The demo score was 372k to 231k.

Bill O'Reilly at 8:00 nearly quadrupled Chris Hayes garnering 3.22 million viewers to his 851k. The demo score was 506k to 178k.

Megyn Kelly at 9:00 almost tripled Rachel Maddow garnering 2.825 million viewers to her 1.081 million. The demo score was 472k to 250k.

Sean Hannity at 10:00 more than doubled Lawrence O'Donnell garnering 2.08 million viewers to his 801k. The demo score was 458k to 194k.

All in all, this was the highest-rated night for Fox since the lineup change.

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