Daily Beast Contributor Jokes About Cruz and McCain Settling Feud in a Duel: 'I'd Be Rooting for McCain'

I'm fully aware that Daily Beast contributor Dean Obeidallah is a comedian, but would the following comment he made on Twitter Sunday be funny if made by a conservative comic about Democrats?

"Anyone else hoping Ted Cruz and John McCain settle their feud in an Aaron Burr-Alexander Hamilton style duel? Id [sic] be rooting for John McCain":

Readers are reminded that Hamilton ended up dying in that duel.

Now imagine for a moment a conservative Daily Beast contributor that also happened to be a comic making the same remark during the 2008 campaign but substituting Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for Cruz and McCain whilst rooting for Clinton.

Would said CNN contributor get away with saying, "It's just a joke?"

No, I don't think the Tea Party is shutting down comedy, but since we live in a world where any conservative criticism of President Obama is deemed racist, we on the right are just tired of liberals being able to say anything they want with total impunity.

*****Update: The original version of this article referred to Obeidallah as a CNN contributor. He has informed me that he is not paid by CNN, but is by the Daily Beast.

(HT Mediaite)

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