Tom Friedman: Republicans Are 'Exactly' Like Terrorist Group Hezbollah

The liberal media are truly becoming unhinged.

On NPR’s On Point Thursday, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman actually equated Republicans with the terrorist group Hezbollah (transcript follows with commentary, audio available here, and via NPR with relevant section at 13:48):

TOM ASHBROOK, HOST: You quote John Boehner saying, “Look, all the Senate has to do is say ‘Yes’ and the government is funded tomorrow.” You know, voice of reason. Just say “Yes.”

THOMAS FRIEDMAN, NEW YORK TIMES: Just hand over the money and nobody gets hurt as Dana Milbank pointed out. Just hand over the money, nobody gets hurt here.

ASHBROOK: That’s the hostage kind of scenario you’re saying.

FRIEDMAN: Yeah, that’s just not how a serious country governs itself, but you know, because you know I cover foreign affairs.


FRIEDMAN: It’s exactly how Hezbollah, a minority party in Lebanon, has managed to intimidate and pervert Lebanese democracy. And by the way, do you know what Hezbollah means? It means “the party of God.” They have God on their side, but they also have guns and bazookas on their side. And they use that in order to intimidate an entire democracy.

ASHBROOK: I mean, isn’t that quite a jump from Hezbollah to Tea Party?

FRIEDMAN: Not in the least, okay? They’re both using intimidatory tactics to override, okay, override the will of the majority. We should call this by its real name. This is serious. This is not a joke, and this is not a test. The implications of this succeeding I think are incredibly, incredibly dangerous.

Did you know this guy has won a Pulitzer Prize?

I mean, the analogy here is so preposterous it's amazing.

To begin with, have Republicans killed anyone?

That would be "No."

Yet Hezbollah intimidates its enemies by killing them, correct?

Furthermore, what Republicans are doing here is quite similar to what's happened the previous seventeen times our government was shut down. This is not a new development for the country.

Beyond this, if Friedman is so concerned about what the majority of the nation thinks, would he liken what the Democrats did to pass ObamaCare - a law the majority of Americans opposed - to a terrorist act?

And what about the fact that the majority of the nation today still oppose the implementation of this law?

As such, it's the Republicans that are doing the majority's bidding not the Democrats.

I guess that's too complicated for a Pulitzer Prize-winner to grasp.

(HT Twitchy)

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