ABC's Terry Moran: 'Obama's Leadership Image in Syrian Opposition Probably at an All-Time Low'

It's becoming apparent the Obama-loving media are displeased with the President's decision to seek Congress's approval to strike Syria.

On This Week Sunday, ABC News chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran said, "Obama's leadership image in the Syrian opposition is probably at an all-time low right now" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, HOST: For how this is playing in Syria, let's go to ABC's chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran. He's in Beirut this morning. And apparently a lot of relief in Damascus.

TERRY MORAN, ABC NEWS CHIEF FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT: A lot, George. This came as good news, even more than good news, they claimed a victory this morning in Damascus, both the Assad regime and President Assad's supporters, of whom there are many. The deputy prime minister saying it was the Syrian army that warded off the aggression of the United States.

And in fact, and in fact they believe that the unified front that they had with Iran and with Hezbollah has essentially frightened President Obama into backing down from his attack.

Now, they also know that the Congress could authorize the use of force, but this delay gives them even more time to prepare. Church bells rang out, there where prayers sounding from minarets around Damascus. This came as a shock and a good one to the people of Damascus.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Not a good shock for the rebel leaders in Syria.

MORAN: Devastating, George. On Twitter and in public statements, leaders of that fractured opposition in Syria are expressing disappointment and disillusion with American leadership.

One of the leaders of one of those factions said the people of Syria are all alone now. They believe that the chemical weapons attack that they argue was carried out by Assad's regime has been carried out with impunity, and that the world is not ready to do anything.

Obama's leadership image in the Syrian opposition is probably at an all-time low right now, George.

To be sure, Moran was likely speaking the truth, but why has he decided to do that now concerning this President?

After all, it goes without saying America's media are typically anti-war.

Yes, they did seem to beat the drums somewhat leading up to the March 2003 attack on Iraq, but at that point they were largely reflecting the sentiment of three quarters of the nation backing the mission.

By contrast, roughly the same percentage of Americans oppose military action in Syria today.

So why would a typically dovish media member scold the President for seeking Congressional approval for attack the public are against?

Is it possible he agrees with CNN's Fareed Zakaria who said Sunday, "[T]he administration's handling of Syria over the last year has been a case study in how not to do foreign policy?"

Maybe Moran is also realizing that Obama is appearing feckless, and this latest flip-flop is magnifying his ineptness.

Could it be that Moran is more concerned with the current White House resident's image than he is with American foreign policy or the wishes of his fellow citizens?

Far be it for me to suggest that.

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