Jay Leno Calls Matt LeBlanc a ‘F—king D—chebag’

August 29th, 2013 11:15 AM

NBC Tonight Show fans know that host Jay Leno never curses on the air.

On Wednesday, Leno played a clip of him making a cameo appearance on Showtime’s Episodes wherein he called star Matt LeBlanc a “f—king d—chebag.”

Leno set the scene up by mentioning that LeBlanc had asked him to appear as himself on the program.

As the clip began, LeBlanc was in the Green Room of the Tonight Show complaining to his handlers that he’s going to be Leno’s second guest and that’s bad because it sends a message about him not being a big enough star to be the first guest.

LeBlanc speculated that he’d been relegated to the two position because he bought a Lamborghini that Leno wanted. “This is him getting back at me…F—king Leno can be a total...”

At that moment, Leno walked in and said, “A total what?”

“Uh, mench,” answered LeBlanc. “A total mench.”

“Mench?” asked Leno. “So mench means prick now? I never knew that.”

LeBlanc laughed and gave Leno a hug, after which he asked the host why he was on second. Leno explained that’s not his area.

“Bull,” LeBlanc replied. “It’s because I took that Lamborghini.”

“That was you?” Leno asked. “You f—king d—chebag!”

Well, there goes Leno’s string of never cursing on his show.