Obamas Attend Cocktail Party Hosted By Comcast CEO Brian Roberts

August 18th, 2013 7:22 PM

The incestuous relationship between this White House and the media knows no bounds.

According to the New York Post, the Obamas on Thursday attended a cocktail party in Martha's Vineyard hosted by Comcast CEO Brian Roberts (file photo).

Also in attendance were Caroline Kennedy, Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Attorney General Eric Holder, former “car czar” Steve Rattner, member of the president’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board Robert Wolf, lawyer and leading civil rights activist Vernon Jordan, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, Marchesa co-founder Georgina Chapman, Larry David, Carly Simon, Peter Chernin and California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

But most concerning is Roberts, for Comcast is a 51 percent owner of NBC Universal.

As NewsBusters reported, Roberts actually wrote a letter to Obama in 2009 endorsing his proposed healthcare legislation.

Roberts has also historically been a huge contributor to Democrats.

As a result of the behavior of some of his employees at MSNBC, Roberts has gotten heat from a number of conservative organizations.

The Media Research Center's Brent Bozell sent two letters to Roberts last year calling on him to fire Ed Schultz and Al Sharpton.

Later that year, an attorney for the National Center for Public Policy Research asked Roberts at Comcast's annual shareholder meeting for an on-air correction and apology for defamatory claims by MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.

At this year's shareholder meeting, the Tea Party's Tom Borelli asked Roberts, "Why would a conservative person in any state want their money to go pay for Al Sharpton’s salary?"

Three months later, Roberts is hosting a cocktail party for the President and First Lady.

We really are living in an alternate universe.