Chuck Todd: Hillary Clinton Hurting Obama By Campaigning Too Soon

The liberal media sure love Hillary Clinton, but possibly not as much as they adore Barack Obama.

Such was witnessed on Meet the Press Sunday when NBC's chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd expressed regret that the former Secretary of State has apparently started her 2016 campaign already saying, "This hurts the current president of the United States as trying to be leader of the Democratic Party" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHUCK TODD: David, there is one other unintended consequence here and I don’t think she is intending. The more-- there is sort of the split inside the Democratic Party, who’s the leader of the Democratic Party right now? Who’s the future of the Democratic Party and the more she talks out there, the more you start seeing a gravitational pull back towards Hillary. This hurts the current president of the United States as trying to be leader of the Democratic Party, as trying to move the party as he gets ready for a bunch of fall fights. You know, lame duck status happens in two phases, right? The first phase is lame duck status in Washington between the presidency and the White House. And then there’s a second phase of lame duck status inside your own party. Her coming out early I think speeds up that lame duck process of Barack Obama inside the Democratic Party, and that’s something if I’m sitting in the White House…

DAVID GREGORY, HOST: You don’t like so much.

TODD: …I-- I don’t like so much. You don’t have to start that so quickly.


So as much as Todd - like much of the media - adores Clinton and will likely do everything in his power to help her get elected in 2016, he doesn't want anything - at least at this point in time - to interfere with Obama's agenda the next three-plus years.

At least he's being honest, right?

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