Greta Van Susteren: Fox Should Sign Jay Leno To Compete With NBC

Jay Leno got quite a vote of confidence Monday.

Posting at her blog, Fox News's Greta Van Susteren wrote, "Fox Broadcast should sign him up and compete against his old network":

I just read that Jay Leno’s last night on THE TONIGHT SHOW is February 6, 2014. I have not followed the story about Leno and NBC very closely but I decided to dig a bit deeper when I saw the February 6th date.

And guess what? Leno is winning his timeslot (see below)……in NBC’s ‘great wisdom’ they are upsetting the apple cart and forcing him to go. They have a known winner and are ‘rolling the dice.’ If I were a shareholder, I would wonder about that one.

Why fire the winner?

Go figure…in any event, I think Fox Broadcast should sign him up and compete against his old network.

Van Susteren then shared recent figures for the late night programs showing Leno kicking everyone's butt.

Yep. Sure makes sense that NBC would be giving the top late night personality the boot in his prime.

Will he end up at Fox?

Stay tuned.

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