Obama Delays Meeting on Syria to Talk Basketball With Dallas Mavs Owner Mark Cuban

This will give you an idea of Barack Obama’s priorities.

On June 13, the President delayed a meeting with staff about Syria to discuss basketball with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

So said Cuban on NBC’s Tonight Show Thursday.

After his introduction, Cuban was asked by host Jay Leno about his visit to the White House.

“I got an e-mail saying would you like to have lunch privately with the president, and I was like, ‘Sure,’” Cuban responded. “So I went up to the White House and literally in the West Wing, we spent an hour just the two of us talking basketball. It was surreal.”

“An hour?” asked Leno. “Doesn't he have work to do? An hour.”

“You know, they knocked on the door and were like, ‘Can we talk about this Syria thing?’ And he's like, ‘Wait a minute.’"

“Really?” asked Leno incredulously.

“Yeah, seriously,” replied Cuban. “It was cool.”

“Wow, that's comforting,” Leno sarcastically responded.

Comforting indeed, Jay. And this is the guy you threw softballs to on Tuesday.

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