Larry Elder: 'We Won't Have True Equality Until Goldie Taylor No Longer Calls Don Lemon "Turncoat Mofo"'

July 30th, 2013 3:32 PM

As NewsBusters reported, liberal talk radio host Alan Colmes on Monday defended CNN's Don Lemon from attacks by folks such as MSNBC's Goldie Taylor for having the nerve to agree with Bill O'Reilly about problems in the black community.

This led conservative talk radio host Larry Elder to give Taylor a serious dressing down on Twitter Monday evening ending with, "No, @AlanColmes, we won't have true equality until @goldietaylor no longer calls @DonLemonCNN a 'turncoat mofo'":

As NewsBusters reported, Colmes said on Fox News Monday, "We’ll have true equality in this country when someone like Don Lemon or any other person of color can make a statement that doesn't conform with what the so-called majority believes without being called names, without being called an Uncle Tom”

Taylor on Saturday called Lemon "turn coat mofo."

But that was just Elder's final blow:

Sadly, Taylor didn't have the guts to engage:

It appears Taylor considers herself no match for an intelligent, conservative African-American.

Can you blame her?

On the other hand, since it seems black liberals don't believe white people such as Bill O'Reilly have the right to discuss problems in the African-American community - check out what The View's Sherri Shepherd said on this subject Tuesday! - wouldn't they feel more comfortable chatting with a black person?

Or does it really have nothing to do with the color of someone's skin? What black liberals find objectionable are conservatives of any race.

After all, they didn't seem offended when Bill Clinton spoke on such issues.

He was the first black president, you know?

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