Andrew Sullivan: ‘With Any Luck’ America Won’t Be a Superpower in 20 Years

July 21st, 2013 6:25 PM

Talk about your America-hating media members.

On the final episode of the syndicated Chris Matthews Show Sunday, Andrew Sullivan actually said that - to laughter from many in the studio - “with any luck,” America won’t be a superpower in 20 years (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Andrew, are we going to be - being we Americans, you included - are we going to be the great, are we still going to use that word superpower? I don't even like it very much. The lone superpower. Are we going to be that 20 years from now?

ANDREW SULLIVAN: With any luck we won't be.

Those not watching the video are advised that for his final show, Matthews had on seventeen of his regular guests, many of which were shown laughing when Sullivan said this.

Tells you a lot about what so-called liberal media members think of their own nation, doesn't it?

SULLIVAN: We will understand what the founders understood. When you leave America and you go back and you look at it from like over here, and you see this giant continent with two vast oceans in between it, and it feels it's paranoid and terrified of the rest of the world, and wants to have this enormous military industrial complex to control it, you just scratch your head after a while and realize that Eisenhower was on to something. So was Washington, so was Jefferson. I think the transition to a post-imperial America is coming. I think it’s overdue and I welcome it.

I bet he and many in the studio do.

Says a lot about the state of journalism today, doesn't it?