Bill Maher Booed for Tasteless Zimmerman Jokes on CBS Late Show

It seems even the CBS Late Show audience is tiring of Bill Maher.

On Tuesday, the HBO Real Time host was booed twice for tasteless jokes about the George Zimmerman verdict (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

Right after Maher was introduced by David Letterman, the host mentioned that he was a minority owner of the New York Mets.

“Better than being a minority in Florida,” responded Maher to boos from the studio audience.

“Why are they booing?” he asked.

A bit later, Maher said, “You know they want to give George Zimmerman a gun now. The Florida state law is that he can get his gun back. I say if he gets a gun, Casey Anthony gets a baby.”

This was quickly met with groans from the studio audience.

“What is with the booing tonight?” Maher asked.

Even Letterman seemed disgusted as he sat in silence to audience laughter.

Maybe Maher should learn from this.

He’s gone so far to the left that even Letterman’s crowd finds him offensive.

Makes you wonder how much further Maher can stoop.

Stay tuned.

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