‘Late Show’ Audience Laughs When Letterman Asks If They Care About Climate Change

Despite President Obama deciding to impose executive orders to curb carbon emissions, polls routinely show Americans almost completely unconcerned about global warming with it not even showing up when people are asked about national priorities.

Such was evident Tuesday evening when the CBS Late Show audience laughed when host David Letterman asked if they cared about climate change (video follows with transcript and commentary):

DAVID LETTERMAN: You folks know anything about climate change? [Not much reaction from the crowd] Do you care? [Laughter]


LETTERMAN: I used to know a little bit about it and, and, and, but I don't care anymore. [Laughter] Nothing we can do about it. And on the bright side I got a closet full of short-sleeved shirts I never get to wear. [Laughter]

SHAFFER: Oh great.


And this is probably representative of how most people feel about this issue after fifteen years of flat temperatures despite a continued rise in carbon dioxide.

Of course, that won’t stop Obama-loving news outlets from continuing to fan the flames for the president they adore.

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