Fox's Kelly Smacks Down CBS's Pelley: ‘We Beat You in All the Debates and Election Night, Scott!’

As NewsBusters reported Sunday, CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley commented in a Deadline Hollywood interview that Fox News only has 200,000 to 300,000 viewers.

Fox’s Megyn Kelly marvelously responded on Monday’s America Live, “We beat you in all the debates and on election night, Scott” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

MEGYN KELLY: It comes just as the CBS News anchor Scott Pelley comes out talking about journalism in this country, and talks about how he believes that, first of all, not a lot of people watch cable news. They just don't. Well, we beat you in all the debates and on election night, Scott. But, okay, that's okay. So, that's what Fox did.

But separate and apart from that, Michelle, he talks about how the reason people would watch CBS News is because you need a name you can trust. He says, "Fox is associated with the right, MS with the left. But when you’re talking to 7 million viewers across the country like we are at CBS, you’ve got to represent everybody's views and you have got to give the impression that you're being as honest as you know how to be." He makes that at the same time this reporter makes this comment about the Tea Party.

In fairness to Pelley, CBS did narrowly beat Fox in the first debate 10.6 million viewers to 10.4 million. However, in the second debate, Fox won 11.1 million to 8.9 million. In the final debate, Fox won 11.5 million to 8.4 million.

Add it all up and in the three debates, Fox had 33 million viewers to CBS's 27.9 million - but nobody watches Fox.

On Election Night, Fox had 8.7 million viewers to CBS's 8.4 million.

So, you were saying, Scott?

(HT Fox News Insider)

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