Palin: Congress Should ‘Put Themselves on Cruz Control - Ted Cruz Control’

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin had some harsh remarks for both parties Saturday while expressing high praise for Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx.).

Speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington, D.C., Palin said Congress should “put themselves on Cruz control - Ted Cruz control.”

SARAH PALIN: The scandals infecting this city, they are a symptom of a bigger disease. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a Republican or a Democrat sitting atop a bloated boot on your neck, out of control government, everyone gets infected, no party is immune. That’s why, I tell you, I’m listening to those independents, to those Libertarians who are saying, you know, it is both sides of the aisle, the leadership. The good ol’ boys in the party on both sides of the aisle, they kind of perpetuated these problems.

I tell you, Congress though. The good ol’ boys that do perpetuate the problem, that haven’t been part of a solution. They’ve been part of a problem.

Now, you know what I wish the Congress would do, be it just for a week, perhaps? Just put themselves on Cruz control - Ted Cruz control. Just for a week. And let’s see where things go. I think we’d see some solutions.

For those interested, here are her entire comments:

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