Pat Buchanan: Republicans Caving on Amnesty Like Chamberlain Giving Sudetenland to Hitler

June 11th, 2013 9:52 PM

Not surprisingly, conservative columnist Pat Buchanan is not pleased with Republicans talking about agreeing to an immigration reform bill that ends up being another amnesty without closing the border.

On the Laura Ingraham Show Tuesday, Buchanan equated it to Neville Chamberlain giving Sudetenland to Adolf Hitler.

LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: In the end, do you think an amnesty bill passes, Pat?

PAT BUCHANAN: I’m not sure. I think there’s some gutsy Republicans in that House.

INGRAHAM: Sessions, Cruz.

BUCHANAN: I think the American people haven’t spoken to this, and I think it’s going to, it’ll be a war inside the Republican Party, and we’ll see if folks like McCarthy and Cantor and Boehner go along with the split in their Party. And I think it will be very damaging, because I think right now, Republican Party is very well positioned for 2014.

INGRAHAM: Yeah, it would have been. So why divide the Party by forcing this immigration debate and this immigration vote?

BUCHANAN: Exactly. Why don’t they just say, “Mr. President, secure the border. When it’s secure, come back and talk to us?” That’s all they got to do. And [unintelligible] and those folks can split this bill in the House…

INGRAHAM: Absolutely.

BUCHANAN: …put the amnesty on one, you know, one bill, and the border on the other, and pass all those things, and send it into conference with no amnesty.

INGRAHAM: Imagine if all the conservative media were actually aligned on this. A lot of people, a lot of people are silent out there. A lot of people are not saying anything. They’re afraid, or it’s a lot of money on the line, or I don’t know what it is. Last time around we had a united front.

BUCHANAN: Well, they were persuaded I think that, look, either you guys get the amnesty or you’re dead.


BUCHANAN: They’ve been frightened into that.

INGRAHAM: It’s worked well for Republicans in California, Pat.

BUCHANAN: They’ve been frightened into giving up the Sudetenland. [Laughs]

INGRAHAM: Yeah, Pat, it worked out well for the Republican Party in California after that amnesty last time.

BUCHANAN: Oh yeah.

INGRAHAM: Party did real well in California. It’s a joke.

BUCHANAN: Exactly. I mean, you look at Nixon carried, the great Nixon carried it six out of seven times he ran, and Ronald Reagan won four landslides in California. We haven’t carried it in six presidential elections.

INGRAHAM: But they’re Adam Smith Republicans – all of them.

BUCHANAN: [Laughs]

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