Texas Congressman: 'Only Way to Prevent People From Hearing Your Conversations is Have Them on MSNBC'

June 9th, 2013 10:57 AM

Texas Congressman Steve Stockman (R) weighed in on the recent revelations involving the National Security Agency looking at Americans' phone records with a humorous knock at Chris Matthews' so-called "news network."

Commenting on Twitter, Stockman wrote Saturday, "At this point the only way to prevent people from hearing your conversations is to have them on MSNBC":

This followed numerous comments about the NSA scandal on Friday:

Stockman wrote Friday:

For those unfamiliar with Stockman, he was elected in November running on a Tea Party platform in Texas's newly-created 36th District.

As Politico noted in February, with the unfortunate departure of Florida's Alan West, Stockman has become President Obama's number one needler.

If you didn't place the name, Stockman is the Congressman that had Ted Nugent as his guest to February's State of the Union address.

(HT Twitchy)