Inhofe Strikes Back at Letterman: When People Like Him Attack You It Means You're Winning

May 6th, 2013 9:49 AM

As NewsBusters previously reported, CBS Late Show host David Letterman spent a week last month attacking Senators as stooges - mostly Republicans, of course - for opposing recent gun control legislation.

One such Senator, James Inhofe of Oklahoma, told WABC radio's Aaron Klein Sunday, “That’s kind of a badge of honor. Any time you get Rachel Maddow or Letterman or those people to call you names that means you are winning."

As Politico reported Sunday, Inhofe also said, “In this country we do have groups that are very popular with the very liberal segment and they don’t like conservatives. They’ve never liked me. I have always been their target and it doesn’t bother me... because everybody knows what my position is. And we have so many mushy people in the United States Congress, both houses, that wont take these strong positions.”

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