Bill Maher: Dr. Carson Is 'The Great Black Hope of the GOP'

There comes a point when one has to wonder if Bill Maher is willing to say anything, no matter how disgusting or controversial, to attract viewers to his HBO program.

On Thursday, Maher published a piece wherein he stated, and I quote, "It turns out that Ben Carson is as stupid as every other conservative hero...Remember, this is the Great Black Hope of the GOP."

Why is it always about race with white liberals?

Seems Carson nailed it earlier this month when he said, "They’re the most racist people there are."

Maher also wrote about the neurosurgeon and director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, "Now it's no surprise to me that Dr. Ben's an idiot."

Imagine that. Bill Maher is calling a pediatric neurosurgeon an idiot.

But he wasn't finished.

"I kind of like that Dr. Ben is both an amazingly talented neurosurgeon and a drooling moron," Maher wrote. "Because people need to be reminded that doctors (and other 'professionals' like lawyers) can be just as stupid as everybody else."

That may be true, but nobody can possibly be as stupid as Bill Maher and still have a nationally televised program - except of course the primetime anchors at MSNBC.

Of course, if Maher wanted to prove me wrong, he could invite Carson on his show to demonstrate his intellectual prowess.

But don't hold your breath. Maher knows full well the good Doctor would tear him to shreds.

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