Stephen Colbert Trashes MSNBC's Morning Joe: 'Sometimes People Confuse it With News'

April 4th, 2013 3:36 PM

In the midst of a segment pushing his sister's candidacy for an open House seat in South Carolina, Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert took some shots at MSNBC's Morning Joe.

"Joe’s show is just about confusion in that sometimes people confuse it with news” (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

“Originally I wasn't going to talk about this race on my nightly broadcast,” Colbert said after displaying a sign that read “Elizabeth Colbert Busch Congress.” “But then I watched today's Coffee Joe Morning and the funky bunch.”

Colbert then played highly-edited clips of people on Morning Joe including the host singing the praises of South Carolina Republican Congressional candidate Mark Sanford who's competing against Colbert Busch.

After the last clip showed Scarborough saying – completely out of context, of course – “It’s going to be Morning Joe versus Colbert Report,” Colbert said, “Oh, it is on.”

“Of course, in some ways, it's always been Morning Joe versus the Colbert Report, though technically at that time of the morning, my network runs a P90X commercial.”

“Yes, it's all about the muscle confusion,” Colbert continued after a brief video clip of such a commercial, “whereas Joe’s show is just about confusion in that sometimes people confuse it with news.”

Actually, that can be said of virtually all of MSNBC's programming.

Yet possibly the greater irony is the number of Colbert's viewers that confuse his program with news.

I don't imagine he considered that. 

“But not this morning folks,” Colbert added, “'cuz this morning was just pure infomercial for his old buddy, Mark Sanford.”

This led to more highly-edited clips of folks on Morning Joe singing Sanford’s praises including Mike Barnicle being surprisingly sycophantic during an interview with the candidate.

After the clips, Colbert said, “Oh, that is some in-depth reporting. You know, Woodward and Bernstein may have had Deep Throat, but Mike Barnicle is doing something similar to Mark Sanford.”

Once the laughter died down, Colbert added, “I just hope Mike can breathe through his nose 'cuz he's right. He's right.”

Makes you wonder if Colbert will regularly use his show to trash positive news reports about Sanford as he campaigns for his sister.

Stay tuned.

(HT Mediaite)