Neil Cavuto to Charlie Rangel: 'Your Party Lies a Lot'

Conceivably the best line uttered by a member of the media this week concerning the sequester debate came from Fox News's Neil Cavuto Friday

In a Your World discussion about the budget deliberations with Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.), Cavuto marvelously said, "It seems that your Party lies a lot."

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: I don't begrudge the fact that going after closing loopholes, but here's what I worry about, Congressman, and it just kind of gnaws at me. It's always so much easier to hike taxes than it ever is to cut spending.

And so the rap against your Party, and maybe you can disavow me of the notion, is that you would sooner hike than cut any time every time. The last deal, the budget brink deal, this deal where you change the rules going into it and after the fact, even Bob Woodward claimed that. So, I don't know, you doth protest too much.

CONGRESSMAN CHARLIE RANGEL (D-NEW YORK): You put a whole lot of things together that gnaw you, but I think…

CAVUTO: No, I'll cut to the chase: it seems that your Party lies a lot.

CONGRESSMAN: Forget the Parties and the lies. The facts are just too simple.


"Forget the Parties and the lies."

That's quite a line, isn't it?

Of course, on virtually every other station, they're not only forgetting the lies but also helping Democrats disseminate them.

Thankfully, not when Cavuto's around.

(HT Mediaite)

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