Meredith Vieira Sings ‘Call Me Maybe’ To Jay Leno

February 23rd, 2013 12:05 PM

Former NBC Today show host Meredith Vieira actually sang “Call Me Maybe” to Jay Leno Friday evening.

As the head of her elementary school glee club told her when she was nine, she really should have mouthed the lyrics.

In the middle of the interview, Leno brought up that Seth MacFarlane is hosting Sunday’s Academy Awards. He commented that she could host such a program.

Vieira didn’t agree claiming that when she was nine, the head of the glee club told her to just mouth the lyrics. Obviously, his point was that she didn’t have a very good voice and/or was tone deaf.

Regardless, in what was clearly set up beforehand, Vieira grabbed a microphone, and with a cue card assisting her with the lyrics, began singing “Call Me Maybe” to Leno.

Those watching the video should catch some of the pained expressions on Leno's as he realizes the head of the glee club was right.