Chelsea Handler Tells Piers Morgan 'You Can Suck My A--!'

CNN's Piers Morgan had a rather vulgar exchange with E! Entertainment's Chelsea Handler Wednesday night.

After the host of Chelsea Lately told her guest, "You can suck my a--," he responded, "That was exactly what I was going to suggest" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

After Handler mentioned that this was the second anniversary of his program on CNN, she asked him if he realized he’d spent his first anniversary with her as well.

“Yes, you interviewed me last year on my anniversary,” Morgan replied, “which just proves one thing really. Well, it proves two things.”

“Let me guess,” Handler interrupted, “that you're a better interviewer then I am.”

“That's where I was going, yes,” Morgan arrogantly responded.

“I’m not pretending to be a great interviewer,” Handler said. “I'm not even pretending to be good at my job.”

“Both things clearly apparent today, but I can help you,” Morgan pompously declared.

“You can suck my ass,” replied Handler.

After some laughter, Morgan said, “Funny now, that was exactly what I was going to suggest.”

So a CNN anchor was going to suggest – on national television – that he suck the behind of am E! Entertainment host?

Coming one month after Kathy Griffin kissed Anderson Cooper’s crotch during CNN’s New Year’s Eve show, one has to wonder whether this is a news network or a porn channel.

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