Michael Moore: NRA 'Doomed' as Result of Newtown

Schlockumentary filmmaker and gun control advocate Michael Moore sure is feeling his oats in the wake of the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.

On Friday he told the Huffington Post, "The NRA, they are doomed as a result of this."

"I think this was a tipping point," Moore said. "I think the mood of the country is not changed. People did not forget about this after Christmas."

"In fact," he continued, "after Christmas, when parents started taking their kids back to school and dropping them off in the morning, they couldn't get this out of their heads."

"That is the worst," Moore added, "that's the thing that, the NRA, they are doomed as a result of this, because every day now, every parent that drops their kid off at school or sends them out to the bus stop or whatever can’t help but think, you know, worry, 'What if I don’t see my child later?'”

What's funny is this same so-called news outlet reported earlier this month that since Newtown, the NRA has increased its membership by 250,000.

Not surprisingly, that fact didn't come up during Moore's interview.

"So, no matter how even conservative or pro-second amendment people are," continued Moore, "that’s why so many in these polls, so many NRA members are for more gun control, because any sensible person right now is for eliminating as many of these guns and ammunition as possible."

Also not surprisingly, anyone that disagrees with more clearly isn't "sensible."

"You know, we're never gonna get rid of crazy people," Moore ironically observed. "They've been around for thousands of years, they'll continue to be around, they'll continue to do horrible things. But why are we their enablers? That's the crazy part."

Actually, the really crazy part is despite all of the factual errors in every one of Moore's schlockumentaries, liberal media members still care what he says.

Which raises the question: why are they his enabler?

(HT Dan Gainor)

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